14-21-32-40-50-60 gr

Delalande releases its brand new SPEEDFACTOR and of course also offers its leaded heads alone.

This ultra realistic leaded head, coupled with red eyes to amplify aggression signals, is of rare effectiveness. The hook, positioned slightly at the top, has a medium sized pole so as not to interfere with lure swimming and is well positioned on many lures. It is ultra spicy and very resistant. Heavy and compact, it allows you to quickly lower your lures to the bottom. Of course it fits perfectly on the Speedfactor but not only that…

This leaded head is available in 6 different weights

Sold in bulk or in bags of 10.

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This year, Delalande has decided to offer you a special soft lure glue. Manufacturers of lures for more than 40 years, we know how frustrating it is to see your lure removed from the hook by a beautiful catch or to see it damaged after many takes... Delalande arrives with the solution, a special CYANOACRYLATE…
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