Gwen…/ My best lure for Seabass : the DJ line

Fishing mainly in the Glénan archipelago, in southern Finistère, France,  the fish I track the most is the seabass! For this boat fishing, my best seabass lure is undoubtedly the DJ line!

Leurre souple Delalande Dj line

Characteristics and swimming of the DJ line :

The Dj line is a shad available in 12 and 14cm, which has an oval paddle and a rather aggressive look! Its round body has two large slits which gives it good mobility for swimming even at low speed, without skimping on large water displacements! The well-proportioned paddle allows it not to be held back too much during the descent phase during which it remains fishing and to create big vibrations during the various animations! These points make it for me the best lure for seabass fishing from a boat!

Types of spots and animations:

I fish for bass with the DJ line from a boat on spots ranging in depth from 10 to 60m. From rock to sand holes and wrecks, the DJ line is for me THE lure to have for the seabass! The DJ line is also very effective on seabass chase, like many lures of course, but it has the advantage of going far thanks to its compact and streamlined body!

In terms of animations, my favorite seabass fishing with the DJ line is vertical fishing, slowly above the bottom! Once the drift is well placed, I let my lure go down to the bottom, then I keep it in the current by raising the rod gently, and by giving line regularly to regain contact with the bottom.

The Dj line is also very effective in traction, in fact, cast far ahead in the drift, just let it go down to the bottom and chain large very fast pulls with pauses to let the lure go down to the bottom! These fast animations are very effective for seabass and the DJ line has the advantage of not stalling during pull-ups!

Bar dj line

My favorite rigs :

Dj line pour le bar

I use the DJ line with two different jigheads, the speed factor, which is a fairly large head that gives the lure a bigger roll and makes it slightly more planar, which is ideal for vertical fishing!

The second head I use is the Ange head, this streamlined head was developed specifically for seabass fishing. It really cuts through the water and allows a faster descent speed, leaving time to do a few more pull-ups before you get under the boat!

These two heads with short hooks allow freedom of movement for the DJ line to allow him to express himself better and thus seduce the seabass!

A beautiful seabass catches with DJ line Dark night

What colors of the DJ line to fish for seabass?

To fish for bass on the DJ line, my favorite color is undoubtedly the Natural Dark Night! It is a very natural color composed of pearly white, Ayu and dark blue, which brings contrast to be easily identifiable while approaching the natural colors of fish hunted by seabass!

The Jungle is also part of my boxes, as is the Galactic blue, a glittery color that makes the difference in clear water when the weather is sunny!

My best memories with the DJ line:

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