Cédrick nous parle du leurre souple Buster Shad…

Hello everyone,


Today, I’m going to talk about (and for some of you, introduce) my favorite lure-

The Buster Shad from Delalande Pêche!


I’ve discovered this lure at the end of the season 2010 in my retailer’s shop which is a distributor of the brand Delalande. And I have to admit, it is now one of my all-time favorite lure! Natural or salted, this lure is a real magnet!
It composed of several essential parts:
– A very realistic and detailed shape which gives it the look of a white fish
–  3D eyes effect
– Stomach stripes which increase fluidity and vibrations
– A little narrow section in the center to increase more its fluidity
– Small holes in the tail in which you can place 3 Rattles
– A caudal fin, heavy and powerful with a small vibrating lash
The Buster Shad is a real all-rounded lure which seduce predators thanks to its realistic details, and also salmonids and chubs with the Baby Buster Shad.

How to use it?
It is simple, this lure will allow you a lot of different mounts, en linear retrieve, vertical fishing, power fishing, jigging, slow retrieve ou winding. You’ll just have to adapt your mount to your technique. Personally, I’m using it in Drop-Shot with a Baby Buster Shad and it is a great success all the time.
It’s all about animation and location. I’ve even mounted it with a Picol’eau and I can tell you that it works and also that fishers like it.
When I am using it in a linear retrieve, I use a Football Jig head with weed guard. It increases the rolling and will protect the lure against branches and others herbariums.

I also advise you the articulated GT Jig head. This will bring it more flexibility.
Last year, Delalande completed its range of Buster Shad by integrating 2 versions “Baby” and Micro Jig Heads as well, branded Macadam Fishing.
This range is made for amateurs of light and ultra-light fishing which targets other types of fishes.

(Baby Buster Shad 7.5 cm pink, Micro Jig head sabot Macadam Fishing)

As you can see here, this perch couldn’t resist to this real sweet!!
But, while staying simple, you can use the basic and most known color of the brand; the white red-head.
In one word, this color is formidable!

(Baby Buster Shad White red-head 7.5 cm, Micro Football Jig head 4gr Macadam Fishing)
I think you’ve understood, this lure is efficient, really efficient. Also Flexible, you can adapt it with any type of fishing technique.

Once again here, a beautiful pike caught with a Buster Shad 13 cm hollo glitter black back with articulated jig head 10g
Try it, have fun and try to find your right mount to catch the right fish you want.

Don’t Forget, the No-Kill is necessary if you want to preserve fishes and if you want to catch big fish next year.
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Cédrick Plasseau[:]

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