Benthic fishing consists in fishing on the bottom with a baited rig. The rig used is generally a rig body with 3 hooks. This fishing technique is perfect if you want to fish for different species of fish.You can catch all species!

But if you are looking for a species in particular, benthic fishing becomes a technical and tactical style of fishing.

Once you have decided which species you wish to fish for, the rig becomes important because you adapt it to the situation and conditions.

The main variables are:

– The feeding zone of the fish: on or above the sea bed.

– Presence or no presence of tidal flow: Stronger the tide, more fish will tend to stay at the bottom.

Delalande invents rigs able to perform in all the different variables encountered: “The leader line with Clip Bead”.

The rigs are composed of:

– A main line with 3 or 4 possible positions.

– 5 hook lengths with a hook at one end, and a split bead at the other, that can rotate and can be clipped in the position you require.

On the main line, for rigs with 4 positions, you can clip 3 of the hook lengths in the “up” position for fishing clear of the bottom, or in the “down” position for fishing closer to the bottom.

By changing hook position just near the lead, you get the 2 up 1 down position..

Another advantage is if you break a hook length, you only need to unclip the damaged one and instantly replace it by clipping on a new one. No need to change the whole rig which is quick and economic!

You will soon realise that you have many possibilities with one rig, not only the position of the hooks, but the strength of the hook length and the size of the hook can be changed quickly and easily.

So basically the changing and replacing of your rigs whilst in use becomes quicker and easier.

Benthic fishing rigs are available in clear or dirty water versions.


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