Focus sur le leurre souple Streetbait

The street bait

We could call it « the small magic lure »!! With its fly shape, it looks a little funny, but in the water, fishes don’t laugh anymore!

Its two little wings, allows to stabilize the lure while casting. With the right rod, you can easily throw it at an impressive distance. Once in the water, thanks to its little wings, the lure is stabilized and will sink slowly. With its caudal fin with two small pearls, its tail vibrates beautifully.

This lure has to be handled nicely, so forget about using it for power fishing and linear retrieve. It is designed to be retrieved slowly with small twitches. Pikes, perches, zanders and even trout will not resist it. To diversify your techniques, you can also mount it on a Drop-Shot rig.

Ideal for street-fishing, hence its name, it will be your best bet for a quick fishing session during your lunch break for instance. As for the colors, I have very good results with pink and chartreuse but don’t forget the white! If you can’t catch anything, use attractant on the lure – it can really make a difference and improve your results.

A bientôt
Loris Bernagaud[:]

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