Focus sur les Micro TP Macadam Fishing

Micro Jig Heads have been created in 2011, in 3 ranges; Sabot, Football and Round. At this time, weights available were only 1 Gr, 2 Grs, 3 Grs and 4Grs.  Hooks used for those Jig heads are Japanese fine wire hooks extremely sharp. For a better adaptation to your different lures, Delalande propose for each jig head different hook sizes.

For 2012, JH have evolved with new weights available from 0.6 Gr to 12 Grs, to complete the Macadam Fishing range.
Even they are fine wire, those hooks are resistant enough to catch big fish with small jig heads! But when you’re hooked in the bottom, the hook will open itself and you’ll not break your line. You’ll just have to use your pliers and here we go again!

Finally, a big advantage is that there is no lead on the shank of the hook! So when you’re putting your lures on, even fragile ones, you’ll not rip them!

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