Leurre souple – SHADKA II
 Like the swimmer shad, the Shadka II is part of the soft lures originally designed for sea fishing [:]but also give excellent results in freshwater, especially for pike fishing.



p27 col 153 monté détouré



As the swimmer shad or skeleton, the caudal  of the Shadka II produces strong vibrations that provokes a significant rolling. It nonetheless stands by its very natural and straight swimming assigned that its elongated body gives it when it is well “armed”.
To obtain this really natural swim, I weapon it with apro or pro flex jig head (with pallet) of a size 6/0 on the 14cm and 5/0 on the 12cm. It also fits perfectly on the Angel Porteux jig head.





The weight of the jig head will be determined according to the fishing depth and flow desired when you fish in a river. Available in 12 and 14cm, I use it when fishes are particularly difficult and seem to be very selective. There are 6 colors for Shadka II. My favorites are the Pearl black gold glitter silver and silver glitter black back in clear water, and the Japanese pink in tinted water.
Regarding the animation, I use mostly the “stop and go” with a linear way and very slow.



im 3


Do not hesitate to get in some, the texture both flexible and durable will seduce you before seducing our carnivorous friends!

You know all about the Shadka II, it is now up to you!

thank you for reading and see you soon at the water’s edge.


Charles DERIVE


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