Nouveauté 2013, le SWAT SHAD


The newest of Delalande’s 2013 range is the Swat Shad, a shad with ‘grooves’ developed from and having a similar vibration to the Shad GT.

In this article, I am going to describe this great new product which will become undoubtably one of your favourite plastics for this summer.

swatvue copie

(view from underneath )


One of the first things you will notice about the lure is its softness.  You will also notice the absence of the head… this reaction is normal and we will describe the reasons why in the “Rigging Technique” section.


With the Swat Shad you will see it has two channels, one on the Ventral side and the other on the Dorsal side.  First of all this will help you rig the Swat Shad easier.  The ventral channel is up to 3 quarters the thickness of the shad, allowing the hook to penetrate better during a fishes strike.

swatbleu copie

You will also notice two vertical holes which link the two channels.  These allow a faster and more accurate rigging when using the Texan style hook


Hameçon texan rond



Beyond these great features, the Swat Shad looks quite similar to the Shad GT… especially the tail fin which we all approve of.


The first time I saw the Swat Shad, I thought to myself . . . “Cool!!  A 4*4 Shad GT . . . this will be the perfect weapon for this summer”


The swimming action and vibration is almost the same.  It is when you rig the Swat Shad with lighter weights that you finally understand the difference between these shads . . the Swat Shad excels in it’s action because of its well designed and thick-set body.


The Swat Shad is available in the universal 11cm and 13 cm sizes, perfect for predatory fish species.  The 11cm is sold in blister packs of 6x lures and the 13cm in packs of 4x lures.  They are also available in bulk quantities and a great range of colours including pearl blue, pink, etc…


It will seduce you no matter what!


Rigging Techniques


The Swat shad is designed to be used mostly with a texan style assembly.


That is why we have lunched the articulated texan jig head range (Ange Porteux), which allows easier rigging and gives each lure their optimum swimming action.



Copie de p63 ANGE articulée



These are available in weights from 10 to 60 grams and each jig head comes with a red eye and a matching hook, perfectly adapted for the Swat Shad.


We also have the famous GT articulated jig head with the red eyes and a handy eyelet to attach your hooks too.   These are available in weights from 10 to 40 grams.



TP art


Both these styles of jig heads, can be fished with the same effect as a classic jig head.  But when it comes to the thick, snaggy cover where most predatory fish lurk they out shine the classic jig heads producing more hook ups and less snags.

Angling action


swat shad monté détouré ok


With the two assembly we already talk about, canvass all the jammed places without thinking about the tears.

Don’t be afraid of the woods; just go directly in the den of the fishes.

During the bite, skitter strong enough to make the hook popping out.

In a general way, don’t be afraid of skittering with energy.

For the bustle I advise you a linear but you can also have fun to sink your lure in the heart of the impediments.

Or another technic I really enjoy for summer which consist in using a big soft lure with a small basis weight jig head, for example a articulated GT jig head in 10GR on a 13cm SWAT SHAD. It will be soaring so you just have to lunch your lure in the heart of the herbarium to make the black bass and pikes react.

Be careful to your banner during the descent of the lure because the goal is to be attacked dure it.

Well I think I have said everything about my use of this lure and how to fish with it.

I hope you enjoyed it.


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