Pêcher la truite au Baby Buster Shad !

Vidéo : 

Baby buster shad comes in two sizes: 5cm and 7.5 cm.

This lure has a very particular style, which does not leave fishes indifferent. With small paddle and small appendix it is irresistible. This lure is made ​​up small scratches at her belly thereby depositing attractive pasta, and he also has small holes where you can have the glass rattles.

With a small jig head Macadam Fishing, round, shoe or football.

Depending of the head the swim will be different :

– With a leaded head round the lure will swim as such : it is the paddle that will excite the lure for a minimalist fishing .

– With a leaded head football : the rolling of the lure will be amplified to an aggressive fishing .

– While with the jig head shoe you can leave the lure land on the bottom to have before the mouth of predators when they are difficult , it will be a fishing waddles .

Laurent Jauffret tips :

Best colors of the Baby Buster shad that i tested during my trials are glittery OR black back, silver holo glitter black back, pearl blue black back !

In short,

baby buster shad is a delicious fried trouts that can not resist !

Find more info on the product page : https://delalande-peche.fr/leurre-souple-baby-buster-shad/


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