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After a really mild Winter, Summer has come early this year and unlike precedent years, the lakes located north of New York have not been frozen very hard and the fishing season has started earlier tan usual.

The north of the United States is a real paradise to target smallmouth and largemouth bass. The fantastic diversity of lakes and rivers coupled with strict regulations has maintained a great fishery with wild fish and beautiful scenery.

Exited to try DELALANDE lures on these fish, we decided to fish the « Bear Mountain” lakes located about an hour and half north of the island of Manhattan, NY.

Conditions of Lake Tiorati are good; low light, light breeze and clear water. I decide to give the “Crazy Frog” a try. I really like the action and the design of this topwater soft bait and decide to try it in black.

After a little hike, I arrived at a nice spot where I have access to deeper water – up to 10 feet of depth. I decided to do a long cast across the lake to “test” the swim of the lure. As soon as I started my retrieve, I noticed a little wake behind the lure and then a nice smallmouth bass hit the lure really hard, coming out of the water to nail the lure!

I was quite surprised by this unexpected catch! Catching this beautiful fish in open water was pretty amazing! Most of them are generally found near cover or next to structure.

The small mouth bass is a real beautiful fish and a fierce fighter.

The rest of the afternoon is spent between shore fishing for largemouth and smallmouth bass

and kayaking along the shores of this beautiful lake.

I headed back home to New York after this relaxing and successful fishing session. It was a real pleasure to test the efficiency of DELALANDE lures on these local fish!

Tight lines to all of you!



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