Testez le Kit Truite Macadam


Nowadays soft lures are playing an increasingly important role in salmonid fishing , sometimes even as crankbaits .

This is why we created the trout kit.

This kit is composed of:


6 Baby buster shad 5cm

This is the most versatile of the band. It allows both to explore the calm rivers. He reacted both inactive fishes. About assembly level with tp macadam fishing or planante jig head, it is very easy and it takes fish.


6 Baby Conqueror 5cm

Marvel with powerful vibrations. It will be perfect to flush trout in the strong and large rivers and in the pits. I advise you to install this lure on planante jig head or tp macadam fishing football 3 or 4 gr. The animation is to make learned and released on the spots to prospect.


6 Sandra 5cm

Saves empty-handed from the band, it reacts to the slightest touch and can make the difference on tough fishes. The stream will wave his tail in an incredible way, short easy and efficient. What Else ?


2 Laurent Jauffret frames

Totally flexible, just add a buckshot above the swivel microphone to dive. Easy installation is disconcerting. Put the lure, close the hook and it’s ready !


4 micro headstp macadam fishing round

Round micro heads are the best known and most versatile because they blend with most of our lures. so logically, they are used by 100 % of fishermen.


2 micro headstp macadam fishing shoe

Head shoe is essential for fisheries scratch slow. This ” sabot ” keeps lures tail in the air as if the fish snooping background. Minimalist movements will be broadcasted by the tail.


The ideal kit for a successful opening !

Product kit page : https://delalande-peche.fr/kit-truite-macadam-fishing/?lang=en

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