Speed Slim / Swat Shad: Two complementary lures for the seabass

The Swat Shad, the brand’s emblematic lure for many years, and the Speed Slim, which arrived more recently in the range, are for me the two essential lures for seabass fishing! They are also very complementary, I will explain here the use that I make of each of these two models!

Swat Shad :

The Swat Shad is one of the lures with the widest range with no less than sixteen colors in the catalog. It is also available in five sizes and about fifteen different weights to adapt to all situations!

It has a tight swim and above all it has the ability to hold the current very well and to pass without getting caught in the kelps which often shelter the most suspicious seabass.

Several animations are possible with the Swat Shad: Traction, linear or scratch.

Personally, I use a mixture of the last two animations by casting behind the drifting boat, pickup open, then letting the lure touch the bottom, while maintaining contact with it.
After a few seconds placed on the bottom I close the pickup and slightly take off the lure with a little pull. I start my recovery by scraping rock, sand or seaweed.
It is often at this precise moment that the keys occur.
If after a few turns of the reel nothing happens, I reopen my pickup and start the operation all the way to the boat.
The long pauses on the bottom, between two lines are very effective, so be careful to keep in contact with the lure when it is placed on the bottom because it is common for bass to come and grab it at this precise moment!

A big seabass who take the lure on the bottom

Speed Slim :

Recently added to the range, it is already one of the lures to have in your box. Available in 2 sizes (12 and 14 cm) the speed slim family now offers a 9cm model mounted in 5 or 7gr for the year 2023!

“An elongated body and a big padlle”
The speed slim produces a very wide stroke and offers exceptional rolling. It comes to life very easily as soon as it enters the water. A very fun lure for both beginners and experienced anglers.
It can also animate in several ways:

– In traction in front of the drift on active fish, be careful the descent phase often pays off.
-Scratch fishing is also very effective thanks to its flexibility but slightly more risky due to its exposed hook.

For my part, and unlike the Swat, I prefer to use the Speed Slim higher in the water layer. Cast behind the boat, I let it reach the bottom to better locate where it is, do a very wide pull to take off the lure and I start a linear high rod during which I do a few small pulls to trigger the attacks of any fish followers! This technique allows me to prospect the open water, generally offering me quality touches with a boxed lure and it is not uncommon to come across beautiful specimens while prospecting in this way!!

A nice fish caught in open water at speed slim during an evening shot!

My selection of colors for these two lures:

In general, and like many seabass fishermen, I like to fish with natural colors.
The green fizz color for the swat shad, galactic black or natural sprat for the speed slim clearly stand out in my fishing sector.
The white color is also very good when the water is quite heavy because it contrasts well with it!
Without forgetting the Ayu colors such as jungle, natural green or even dark night which are classics for bass fishing, whatever the color of the water!