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Bass Craw


The Bass Craw is the new Delalande crayfish! The very realistic design makes it an excellent lure for tracking black bass, but not only! Indeed, the small 8cm size will also be suitable for perch fishing, and the large 14cm size is a real magnet for pike and zander when they are bottom feeding in search of crayfish! The small slit on the top allows a perfect Texan mounting, which will slip into the most congested areas to unearth predators! Its bulky antennae and claws stay in action both on the descent and during breaks on the bottom, triggering lots of bites!

The big advantage of the Bass Craw is that it can be mounted on a jig head to scrape the bottom as well as on a jig for specific bass fishing, but also in Texan thanks to its slot. The big model is also a great trailer for spinnerbait or chatterbait!


lake, river, Sea


Bass, Perch, Pike, Seabass

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Lure size :

➡  8cm  –  14cm

Weight of lure body (unrigged) :

➡ 8cm/4gr  –  14cm/17gr

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