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Delalande est un des leaders du marché du leurre souple depuis de nombreuses années. Son développement interne, mais également son écoute auprès des pêcheurs permet aujourd'hui de sortir des produits adaptés aux types de pêches pratiquées. Que vous pratiquiez une pêche en float tube, du bord, en bateau, en mer ou en eau douce il y a forcément un leurre souple adapté à vos besoin au sein de la gamme Delalande Pêche ! Sur notre site, vous pourrez également apprendre la pêche pour progresser, avec des conseils sur les noeuds de pêche, les techniques de pêche aux leurres souples, mais également les bonnes pratiques à avoir au bord de l'eau ! 

Softbait anatomy

For more than 40 years Delalande has been innovating year after year by working on the anatomy of softbaits, jig heads and the whole world of softbaits in order to offer you ever more effective lures. 

In order to better understand how a softbait expresses itself, let's take a closer look at its anatomy:

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It influences the swimming action of your soft lure, on the one hand thanks to its shape, but also its weight which will allow you to choose the swimming depth of your softbait. 



It is this which binds you directly to the fish, it must be both sharp for good penetration and strong enough iron not to bend, depending on the species sought. Delalande works with a French hook brand to guarantee quality and know-how in blue-white-red colors.



The shape of the body of the soft lure is studied in a very precise way to have a perfect hydrodynamics, it is this which determines the weight of the lure and its "seat" in the water according to its shape. Our material contains an attractant injected directly into the material for increased longevity. 



The tail of the lure is the most important element of the softbait, it is what determines the swimming of the lure, it can be in V, in paddle more or less big, or curved as here on the Sandra. Each shape and size of tail thus emits different vibrations. 

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