For more than 40 years, Delalande has been making your fishing stories and memories by offering you innovative and effective products, find here everything about our emblematic brand, in complete transparency.


The Delalande company, created by Mr Alain Delalande in 1979 was first specialized in the sale of mounted line for coarse fishing. Quickly, the first machines for making jig heads will be purchased and the first softbaits, imported from the United States, arrive on the French market thanks to Delalande.

In the following years, the “mounted line” part is sold in order to devote itself entirely to the jig head and softbait part, in particular with the purchase of a first machine to manufacture lures. The development of the Delalande material is then underway, and the first softbaits are emerging.

It was not until 1995 that the famous Sandra was born, an innovative and affordable lure and above all extremely effective. Today it is one of the softbaits known to all generations of lure fishermen, and is present in all boxes.

Over the years, it is as a family that the company has been managed, both by Alain and his wife, as well as by their children, Tony who manages the production and Sandrine all the management and marketing part.

An eco-responsible French brand

With more than 90% of raw materials purchased in France, and the rest in Europe, Delalande limits its impact on the environment as much as possible, while guaranteeing you attractive prices. Always in this responsible approach, Delalande manufactures its softbaits with a non-toxic material, not containing phthalate.

The Delalande® material

This material evolves over the years, always guaranteeing a relationship between flexibility and resistance among the best on the market. A crustacean-based attractant is injected into all of our lures, into the material, allowing them to remain attractive throughout their life.

A Franco-Romanian factory 100% owned by Delalande

After more than thirty years 100% Made in France, Delalande has had to relocate part of the molding and assembly to Romania to adapt to the international market. Our factory, managed by Tony Delalande, allows more than 20,000 decoys to be released per day and employs around twenty people from the region, most of whom have been present since the factory opened in 2001 and are largely satisfied with their working conditions. .

Our manufacturing secrets

For the first time in 40 years, Delalande decides to open the doors of its factory to a camera, thus revealing some of its manufacturing secrets.

Meet Tony, our production manager, proud to present his factory in which more than 20,000 lures can be manufactured per day.


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