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This year, the Delalande Néo range is growing again with the arrival of the Neo Frog. Sold mounted ready to fish with a weighted Texan, this 12cm double tail lure will be at ease both in shallow areas looking for black bass and in the lower layers of water to track zander and big perch . Indeed, its very flexible double tail is always in motion, even at very low speed, which does not make predators indifferent. Its assembly allows it to pass through the most congested environments without catching. The wide slit allows the Texan to emerge perfectly during the bite in order to guarantee perfect penetration and to limit them as much as possible !


in linear, scratching, Vertical


lake, river


Bass, Perch, Pike, Zander

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Lure size and jig head weight :

➡ 8cm / 3gr

➡ 12cm / 7gr

➡ 16cm / 12gr

Lure body weight (unmounted) :

➡ 8cm / 8gr 

➡ 12cm / 15gr

➡ 16cm / 60gr

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