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Zand Fat


The unmounted version of the Zand fat, for even more versatility, above all the possibility of mounting it in all different ways. Both in Texan with or without lead for shallow fishing, and with a fairly heavy jig head for zander fishing for example, both linear and vertical. This new shad is able to adapt to all situations! The new panel of colors has been particularly carefully designed to offer no less than 12 colors ranging from the most natural or flashy to slightly transparent colors for clear waters!

Thanks to its stocky body and its big paddle, the Zand fat swims at the slightest request, which allows it to be used on very slow fishing. However, it still doesn’t pick up when animated quickly! These two points make it a very versatile lure, quickly becoming essential in the boxes of all fishermen!


in linear, scratching, Vertical


Bass, Catfish, Chub, Perch, Pike, Rock fish, Seabass, Zander

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Lure size :

➡  10cm  –  12cm  –  14cm

Weight of lure body (unrigged) :

➡ 10cm/8gr  –  12cm/12gr  –  14cm/14gr

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