CHABOT (rigged)


Although it is the name of a small groundfish, the shad by the name of Chabot is now better known than the prey it imitates so much it has seduced trout and perch since its release.

With a stocky body and a thin section tail, the Chabot kicks into action at the slightest push. Its oval paddle positioned at 90 ° emits strong vibrations and allows the lure to obtain a pronounced rollin.

Thanks to the 3D eyes, its well-defined lips and the 3D fins, the sculpin is ultra realistic and does not make indifferent all the predators in search of small prey, whether it is perch, trout, but also zander and pike when hunting in forage fish.


in linear, scratching


lake, river


Perch, Trout, Zander

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Lure size and jig head weight:

➡  5cm / 5gr  –  7cm / 9gr  –  9cm / 17gr

Lure body weight (unmounted) :

➡ 5cm / 2,5gr  –  7cm / 4gr  –  9cm / 8gr

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