In recent years, skeleton has established itself in the soft lure market, both in freshwater and at sea and for all types of fishing! The Skeleton has the same paddle as the Shad GT to soak up a lot of rolling. It has a body with a round and ringed section to gain maximum flexibility and thus be able to swim at any speed.

Its protruding eyes that protrude from the decoy help target attacks and add significant appeal to predators. The skeleton is one of the lures in the range that catch almost all species of fish, at sea as in fresh water!

 Perfect for linear and vertical fishing. Its emaciated fish shape is ideal for putting gel or attractants thanks to the strips of the body.


in linear, scratching, Vertical


lake, river


Bass, Catfish, Perch, Pike, Trout, Zander

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Lure size : 

➡  5,5cm  –  8cm  –  11cm  –  14cm  –  18cm

Lure body weight (unmounted) :

➡ 5,5cm / 2,5gr  –  8cm / 5gr  –  11cm / 10gr  –  14cm / 25gr  –  18cm / 71gr

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