Leurre souple Delalande swat shad



This triangular shad that moves a lot of water and has great paddle-style liveliness is bursting of innovation. It is becoming a benchmark lure in the world of seabass fishing and continues to interest anglers due to its efficiency and attractive price. It was designed to be mounted with a round Texan hook attached to an articulated Ange jig head, which gives it significant wobbling.

Split below to facilitate the passage of the hook and on the back to hide the tip of the hook, this Texan rig will allow you to pass through the heavy riprap areas dear to our predatory friends. With no less than 5 sizes and 11 different weights, all available in about twenty colors, you will inevitably find a Swat adapted to your fishing and your spot, whether at sea or in fresh water.


in linear, scratching, Vertical


lake, river, Sea


Bass, Catfish, Dentex, Perch, Pike, Pollack, Rock fish, Seabass, Trout, Zander

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Lure size and jig head weight: 

➡ 7cm/5gr  –  7cm/7gr 

➡ 9cm/7gr  –  9cm/10gr  –  9cm/15gr  –  9cm/20gr

➡ 11cm/10gr  –  11cm/15gr  – 11cm/20gr  –  11cm/30gr   –  11cm/40gr

➡ 13cm/30gr  –  13cm/40gr  – 13cm/50gr

➡ 15cm/60gr  –  15cm/80gr  – 15cm/100gr

Lure body weight (unmounted) : 

➡ 7cm/3gr  –  9cm/6gr  –  11cm/11gr  –  13cm/18gr  –  15cm/26gr


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