How to fish for pike on a new spot ?

All anglers tend to rely on what they have learned, to fish with lures they trust but also to fish areas they know. It is obviously easier to catch fish when you have some information about fishing and the environment in which it is practiced. However, discovering a new pike spot allows you to progress and get out of this comfort zone. Going on an adventure sometimes allows you to find very productive spots, with the added satisfaction of having discovered it yourself and having included fishing! We are going to give you some tips for fishing for pike in unknown spots.

1. Find out about the pike population

You should know that anywhere in France, lake and river is the property of someone and that regulations may be in force on it. The easiest way is to inquire at the local fishing store, the fishing association or the departmental fishing federation.

It will also be possible to obtain information from these people on the fish populations of the body of water and in particular the presence or absence of pike.

2. Observe the new pike spot

Whether on board or from a boat, observation is essential to identify the spots where pike are likely to settle

First, we will try to identify obstacles (branches, submerged trees, etc.), structures (pontoons, rocks, etc.) and the presence of seagrass beds. We will also try to understand the environment in which we want to fish (current, depth, turbidity, etc.). All this information is important for organizing your fishing.

Pêche brochet nouveau spot

3. Organize your fishing session

To gain in efficiency in the discovery of the new fishing area, it is possible to favor a simple organization of its fishing. We will initially focus on the positions favorable to the reception and maintenance of pike. These are therefore all the structures, obstacles and seagrass previously identified. If the results on these positions are not favorable, we will try to fish in open water and at different depths.

We will favor lures of medium or even small size to start (Neo shallow 13cm / Shad GT 13cm) then, if the results are positive, gradually increase the size to hope for the BIG FISH.

spot brochet nouveau

4. Prospect effectively on the new pike spot

In an environment that you do not know, it is advisable to favor so-called “prospecting” fishing. This technique consists of sweeping a lot of ground quickly in search of clues on the positions of the pike, on their behavior and on the lures, colors, animation, etc. that trigger the keys. For this, we generally use decoys emitting strong visual, vibratory or sound signals. The Spinner Flex is excellent for prospecting and allows you to fish all spotted posts without the risk of snagging. We can also use shads like Neo Shallow, Neo Swim, Skeleton or Shad GT which move a lot of water.

5. Diversify your fishing

With very few clues on the fishing area, it is advisable to diversify the lures and the animations. We can start with rather flashy colors to test the aggressiveness of pike and test natural colors depending on the results. Each lure in the Delalande range emits different vibrations which allow you to vary the signals with the pike. We can start fishing with lures with a fast and tight swim like the DJ Line and gradually try lures with a bigger Rolling but slower like the Skeleton. We will favor fast animations to start with fast linear (for that do not hesitate to slightly over-weight your lure with a heavier jig head) or dry animations. We will then try, depending on the results, softer and slower animations.

6. Adapt and retain sightings of the new pike spot

Each time a lure is in the water and an animation is made, it is possible to catch a pike. Above all, do not be afraid to try things by following the few tips above. As soon as a fish is caught or a bite is felt, this is important information for the rest of the fishing session. It is very common for pike in the same body of water to react in the same way. If the key occurs on a decoy or an animation, it is possible to insist with this one but it is also possible to find what made it possible to trigger the attack. We will therefore try lures of the same color, of the same size, of similar swimming or of identical animation. This may allow more attacks.

Brochet nouveau spot

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