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Who doesn’t currently know the skeleton or have it in their fishing box?

Skeleton has been gaining ground in the soft lure market in recent years, both in fresh water and at sea, and for all types of fishing! The Skeleton has the same paddle as the Shad GT to soak up a lot of rolling. His entire body and tail have been literally cut to keep the maximum resistance while increasing the flexibility and swimming of the lure! 

For more realism and to adapt to the taste of each fisherman, you can change the eyes of your lure to modify the eye signal for recalcitrant fish!

Perfect for linear and vertical fishing. Its emaciated fish shape is ideal for applying gel or attractants thanks to the body’s slats.

Mounted in finesse on small leaded heads and in Texas on classic heads, it will decide all the predators present on the station.

He’s irresistible on football heads.

Available in 8 colours with this year’s new Mojito colour!


The skeleton are mounted on round jighead with a hook size adapted to the lure. They’re ready to catch fish!

5cm : 4 gr

8cm : 7 gr

11cm : 10 gr

The Skelet’eyes :

You will finally be able to customize your lure to your mood or that of the fish with these interchangeable eyes specifically designed for the Skeleton!

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bonjour je recherche le modele skeleton 8cm blanc nacre paillete est il toujours fabrique ?? OU allez vous relancer une fabrication SAUTATIONS


    le modèle skeleton en 8 cm blanc nacre paillette n’est plus disponible. Il existe en coloris 10-> blanc et en 61 -> blanc tête rouge.

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