Speed Slim 10cm : a new versatile size for sea and fresh water!

The speed Slim quickly registered as an essential lure for sea fishing and in particular for seabar fishing! Sizes 12 and 14cm are easy to use, accessible, and with a wide range of colors! This year, a small size is added to the range: the Slim speed 10cm ! Very interesting to fish seabass on the borders and in estuaries, it is also formidable for all the light freshwater fishermen !

A new size, two new weights and five new colors

To respond to the very many requests from the fishermen, this year we have chosen to offer you the Slim Speed in version 10cm, mounted with a 5 or 7gr head. This size/weight ratio obviously target the light fishies of the seabass, on the borders, the oyster parks or the mouths and the estuaries! This new editing makes it possible to offer seabass a lure that is the size of the small prey which they love, like atherines, anchovies or small orphies! His finesse and big paddle allow him to be in action all the time, even on the descent, which is ideal for fishing along the structures!

However, the  speed slim 10cm is also formidable for light water fisheries, and effect on perchs as well as on zanders, its natural swimming is formidable! Its shape and swimming allow it to accept all recovery animations and speeds, which makes it very versatile! As well on slow fisheries in winter and on faster fisheries during warmer periods, the  speed Slim 10cm will be able to seduce many freshwater fish!

To this new size and these new grammages are added five new colors with in particular the Natural Caramel and Natural Yellow which are formidable colors for the pole and the pike perch, but also the galactic pink, a transparent UV pink with glitter. The new Green Waka is also very effective with its purple reflections and its back Ayu, a very natural color that appeals to both seafish and freshwater fish!

3 animations to know for the speed slim 10cm:

Linear fishing: the first and the simplest of animations but which is very effective with a lure like speed slim 10cm , is linear fishing! This technique consists in launching its lure as far as possible, or along a structure, leaving it go own in the desired water layer and bringing it back linear without doing any action with the rod. If the recovery speed is slow enough, it is best to keep the rod high to keep the lure in the same layer of water. But it is also possible to very quickly bring back low rod, in particular to trigger reflex attacks of hunting predators, whether seabass or perchs for example!

Known tooth fishing: unlike linear fishing, a sawfall fishing with speed slim 10cm is intended to sweep different layers of water. Indeed, for the animation in a saw tooth, the idea is to bring back its lure over several meters with the rod up and at an average speed, then to slow down to stop the pace, the lure will then go down to the Water layer while continuing to swim, and so on every 7-8 turns of cranks. The lure then prints a swimming resembling a disoriented or injured fish, which tends to trigger the attacks of predators, it is also more easily identifiable since it passes in different layers of water!

The scratch fishing: scratch fishing concentrates it on the layer of lower water, just above the bottom, and even on the bottom! Indeed, it consists in dropping the speed Slim 10cm on the bottom, then bringing it back very slowly by making it touch the bottom from time to time, during more or less long breaks! This animation makes it possible to lift a little substrate a little and to attract predators! A particularly effective animation when the water temperature is quite low and the fish are carpet at the bottom, both in fresh water and in sea!

Speed slim swimming :