Néo Shallow Texan – THE softbait for Shallow area !

The Neo Shallow Texan is a shad that was developed specifically for shallow areas, no matter how crowded!

Features of Néo Shallow Texan :

As its name suggests, the Neo Shallow Texan is a lure whose purpose is to pass through shallow areas, both at sea and in fresh water.

Thanks to its stocky body with a large notch below and a shallower one above, the Texan is perfectly housed in it, which allows it to pass through all the grass beds and branches without snagging.

This fairly wide oval body allows it to remain very stable during recovery. The ridges it has on the sides, characteristic of the Neo range, give a very attractive visual effect when swimming. Finally, its tail is finished with a large paddle which allows it to send strong vibrations, which makes it identifiable from afar by fish and to obtain a very pronounced rolling!

Lure Swimming :

Discover in video the swimming of the Neo Shallow Texan Delalande:

Sizes and colors of Néo shallow texan :

The Neo Shallow Texan is available in 3 different and very complementary sizes: a 9cm which weighs 12gr (lure + weighted Texan), a 13cm which weighs 28gr and a 16cm which weighs 52gr. This size/weight ratio proves that the Neo shallow has a fairly large volume, which allows it to move a lot of water, making it particularly attractive to predators!

The Neo Shallow Texan is available in 14 colors including the traditional Fire Tiger (99); Red Head White (61) or Natural Green (385). Scaled colorways like the Strange Perch (134); Strange Roach (135) or the Sahara (83). We also find in the range the Natural Sprat (47), a color that is both natural and very bright! And on the other hand a very dark Black Carat (27) which can make the difference in many conditions!

The Neo Shallow Texan, a lure to fetch fish in their environment!

Thanks to its reinforced weighted Texan perfectly concealed in the lure, the Neo Shallow Texan can pass over the seagrass without clinging. This advantage allows you to find fish deep in obstacles, branches, submerged trees, blocks of rock, etc.

The second advantage of the Texan Neo Shallow for ambush fishing is that it skips very well!

Thanks to its stocky body, it bounces very well on the water which allows it to be sent deep into the foliage to find predators there!

Brochet surface buzzing

Animations of Neo Shallow Texan :

The Neo Shallow Texan accepts all recovery speeds, so it can be brought back fairly quickly, rod high, to prospect and quickly target active fish! This animation makes the lure fish on the surface, which makes a lot of noise and guarantees memorable bites!

It is also possible to recover the Neo Shallow Texan more slowly, in the desired layer of water, by taking breaks during which the lure will “roll” on the descent! This speed variation makes it possible to trigger many bites and it is also possible to take long pauses on the bottom, which arouses the curiosity of predators, who generally grab the lure when restarting!

Gallery of fish caught with Neo Shallow Texan

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