Tests of the new Speed Slim 10cm by Ludo

The Speed Slim no needs introduction! Always listening to anglers, the Delalande 2023 catalog expands the Speed Slim family by offering a 10cm version totally adapted for shore fishing in search of seabass for the greatest pleasure of this fishing community of which I am a part. .

A perfect combo for edge fishing:

This new 10cm version is available in 2 weights, 5g and 7g, enough to cover, in my opinion, the 2 main approaches to shore fishing.

The 10cm 5gr version is better for fishing along the beach or even wading and the 10cm 7gr plus version for fishing from rocks where it’s deeper. Mounted on the Ange jig head of 7gr we arrive on a combo at 10/11gr whose balance of the lure is just perfect to descend slowly into the water layer while keeping a hovering and attractive lure on this phase.

In short, I clearly fell in love with this novelty!

The animation of the new Speed Slim 10cm:

For this type of fishing, without hesitation in very simple linear! First time because the Speed Slim lends itself well to it and on second time, because it’s easier ont the general configuration of the sectors which are often rocky and shallow.

For this technique, I throw the lure in the desired sector, close the pick-up as soon as it comes into contact with the surface and start to bring in more or less quickly depending on the height of the water. Possibly a light shot to imitate a small fleeing prey. Again the perfect balance of this combo makes all the difference for this fishing where others would “fall” like masses before they even started the recovery at the risk of hanging on and having to bring back quickly in order to try to come back up the lure in the water layer. You will have understood: I bring a certain importance to this head / body weight ratio.

Certainly “small”, it may be less selective but allows you to chain the bites. With its 10/11gr in total, a light fishing is essential and the sensations are all the better for it even with the most modest. But be careful, small lure is not synonymous with small fish!

Also new in the colors:

In addition to the 9 existing colors, 5 new ones are also arriving this year such as Galactic Pink, Natural Yellow, Natural Caramel, and my 2 favorites. And as the saying goes: when the fisherman likes it fishes! and that can be said.

The Natural Squale: With a pearly white belly bordering on transparent, dark blue sides degrading onto a black back that extends onto the tail, this color is just magnificent. Thus imitating the forage fish that can be encountered particularly in the autumn period, this color remains a must for this type of fishing.

The Green Waka: With a rather translucent pearly white belly, purple sides and green/ayu back this colorway is truly sublime and even more so in the water! The reflections are just impressive and very natural, thus repelling the color of the Smelts, which is a real plus for attracting a good number of fish.

A nice seabass on the edges during the evening at the Speed slim 12cm Natural Squale

In Conclusion :

This new 10cm version of the Speed Slim makes it a more than ideal lure for seaside fishing and obviously, following the feedback from the various members of the Team, not only. It already seduces Perch, Zander and Pike in fresh water.

Happy end of the season to all and for those for whom are already in the preparations for the next season DON’T FORGET THIS LITTLE CANDY


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