Shad GT – New color 2021: Catfish love it too!

At the start of the predator fishing season, some fishermen from the Delalande team tested the new Natural Sprat color on the shad GT. Although this color has been designed and developed for sea fishing, it is nonetheless interesting for fishing big pike in alpine lakes, or even on catfish, as here.

The Natural Sprat color (47) is a color with a magnificent gradient going from blue on the back to transparent on the belly via yellow, which makes it both very natural and very luminous.

The transparency of Natural Sprat is very interesting in clear water

It was during his first boat trip that Julien tested this new color, and not without success because some catfishs came to the boat, and all were catch thanks to the vibrations of the Shad GT and its Natural Sprat color! Enough to start the fishing season in Alsace!

For this type of river fishing, Julien mounts his shads on the head of the same name: the GT head, which allows him to have a perfect finish of the lure. To this head he adds a triple hook ventral under the lure in order to sting the fish without fail! This rig is also widely used for pike fishing.

For his part, in the south of France, Charly has opted for an opening from shore, in search of catfish too! The clear water and the sun forcing him to use a very natural color, and it is also towards the Natural Sprat that he turned and it is this magnificent fish of almost 2m which came to pose before to return to his element!

A very big fish with Shad GT Natural sprat

This new color has not finished talking about it, both at sea and in fresh water, it is already becoming a must!

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