Speed slim seabass fishing: 3 animations to know!

The speed slim is a lure that has been developed specifically for seabass fishing, find here the 3 different animations that are the most effective for tracking this fish!

The Speed Slim, a lure for seabass fishing:

The Speed Slim is a fine and elongated lure which aims to imitate a prey having the same proportions, such as for example the sandeel! Equipped with a large round paddle and a tail with a thin section, it offers the advantage of swimming as soon as it arrives in the water, regardless of the animation or the recovery speed given!

Sold assembled ready-to-fish, the 12cm version is assembled in 10 or 14gr and the 14cm version in 20 or 30gr.

The speed slim is an easy to use and very effective lure, which also has the advantage of bending easily during the bite, which generally allows it to be well stung and coffered by the seabass !

Colors available on the speed slim:

1. Scratch fishing :

The first animation possible with the speed slim is surely the easiest to implement, is scratch fishing!

This technique consists of letting the lure go down under the boat, on the side from which the boat is drifting away with the drift, and waiting for it to reach the bottom. Once the lure is at the bottom, you just have to hold it back by raising the rod halfway up, the drift then enough to make the Speed slim swim!

The lure will then rise slowly in the layer of water, and after a few meters, it will then be necessary to reopen the pick-up of the reel to regain contact with the bottom, then put the tension back on, and so on!

Cette technique permet de balayer efficacement la couche inférieure de l’eau. Il est possible de laisser partir son leurre ainsi sur plusieurs dizaines de mètres pour ensuite le récupérer en faisant un linéaire très lent, animation généralement payante sur les gros bars ! 

2. Traction fishing :

The second possible activity for fishing for seabass with the Speed Slim is traction fishing. This technique is practiced, unlike the first one, towards the front of the drift!

It consists of casting your lure as far forward as possible, waiting for it to hit the bottom, while controlling the descent to prevent possible bites at this time, then pulling very quickly and very ample following which it is necessary to quickly recover the banner!

Since the boat is approaching the lure, all you have to do is wait for it to touch the bottom, remaining vigilant because the bites generally occur at this time, then start splitting again!

When pulling, the Speed Slim vibrates enormously and rises very quickly in the water layer, which attracts predators from quite a distance! During the descent phase, it then appears as a wounded fish. This alternation of behavior pleases the seabass enormously, and the advantage of the Speed Slim and its flexibility is that it remains swimming in both phases!

3. Linear fishing :

Finally, the last technique you need to know for a successful Speed Slim bass fishing is linear fishing!

It offers the advantage of being much more discreet than the two previous ones because the boat has to be offset from the spot, which avoids going over it! The animation of linear fishing then consists of casting your lure 3/4 downstream of the drift, in the direction of the stone on which the fish are supposed to be, or even behind it if possible, and starting a linear recovery once time this one to hit rock bottom!

The wire then takes a bend that the lure will follow, which regularly triggers beautiful fish! Be careful to shoe hard enough to counter this slack effect due to the bend taken by the wire, however the linear bites are generally very violent!

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