The Skeleton – A very versatile shad!

The Skeleton is an emblematic softbait from the Delalande brand, just like the Sandra, it is a very versatile lure that appeals to a lot of different fish!

Skeleton Features

The Skeleton owes its name to its ringed body which gives it the appearance of a skeleton! This round body with rings has been designed to offer great flexibility and freedom of movement to the lure, while maintaining significant volume and resistance!

The tail of the lure is flat and has ribs, always with the aim of offering great flexibility, and is finished with a rather large round paddle.

The skeleton has two large bulging eyes which add an incomparable visual effect to the lure when it is swimming!

All these characteristics give the skeleton a very pronounced rolling whatever the speed of recovery!

Lure swimming :

Discover in video the swimming of Skeleton Delalande :

Sizes and coloris of Skeleton

The Skeleton is available in 5 different sizes (5-8-11-14 and 18cm), in order to be able to target different fish species, in different environments!

As for colors, there are 13 different ones to adapt to all situations! From the most natural like the Jungle (88) or the Smelt (40), to the most flashy like the Island Bay (98) or the Fire tiger (99) through the classics White (10) and White head red (61), without forgetting the slightly translucent colors like Pepper Tea (127) or Spy (169)

How to rig a skeleton ?

- The round jig head, simple and effective

The simplicity of a round jighead is generally sufficient for the Skeleton to express itself and swim to perfection! It is also with this type of jig head that the 5 and 8cm skeletons are sold rigged, for ever greater simplicity!

Whatever the head and the size of the lure, it is advisable to bring out the hook at the level of the third, fourth or fifth groove in order to leave freedom of movement to the lure, without risking to miss too many fish.

Leurre souple Delalande Sleleton monté
Ready-to-fish version of the skeleton

- Others jighwads

However, the skeleton accepts all shapes of jig heads depending on the intended use. It is possible to weighted it quite lightly, which will not prevent it from swimming at low speed, as with a rather heavy weight to fish near the bottom for example!

A dart head allows for example to offset the lure from right to left during animations!

- Boubloule Mount for big fish

For fishing big fish like pike, the Boulboule rig is ideal and allows you to preserve the lure as much as possible, while choosing the spacing of the treble hooks.

- Skeleton, an excellent trailer

The skeleton can also be rigged as a trailer for a spinner bait or a chatter bait, which will considerably slow down the speed of descent of the rig, while remaining fishing during this phase!

The wide choice of colors allows you to combine a similar color, or conversely a completely different color to add contrast!

Animation and versatility of the skeleton

The skeleton, thanks to its shape and its ringed body, can be used at all recovery speeds. The animation in which it expresses itself best is a simple linear recovery, the vibrations emitted by the paddle coupled with the significant displacement of water then make it easily identifiable by predators!

For lake, pond or seaside fishing, it is also possible to fish in a “saw tooth”, i.e. let your lure touch the bottom, recover it on a few meters high rod, then let it go down while keeping the reel closed and control the descent, then restart again.

For fishing in rivers or in current marine areas, it has the advantage of not stalling, which makes it a very effective lure also for salmonids!!

Skeleton Caught Fish Gallery

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