Monture vairons
Jig head

Minnow mounts


Delalande offers 3 types of mounts specific to trout fishing with natural bait such as minnows:

  • The “monture à cran” which has 4 notches molded into the lead to hold the fish.
  • The “monture à fil”, which has 2 metal wires to fold over the fish.
  • The “monture blaise” which has a long curved wire that just has to be stuck in the fish to hold it.





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Monture vairons

Availables Weights : 

➡ Monture à fil  :  2gr  –  2,5gr  –  3,5gr  –  5,5gr

➡ Monture à cran  :  2,7gr  –  2,8gr –  3,4gr  –  3,8gr

➡ Monture Blaise  :  3,2gr  – 3,9gr  –  5gr

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