tête plombée ange
Jig head

Ange Jig head


The range of Ange jigheads owes its name to its designer,  Ange Porteux, with whom we collaborated to create jigheads perfectly adapted to seabass fishing!

The shape of the Angel heads is studied to cut through the water, both on the descent and on the pull, guaranteeing an optimal presentation of the lure.

The Ange finesse version has a long hook and can be mounted on all slugs, while the shad version exists in short hook and long hook to adapt to all sizes of shad. The articulated angel model is specific to the swat shad.

These heads are mounted on several of our ready-to-fish lures in their different versions:

  • The hinged Angel head on the Swatshad
  • The Ange Shad head short on the Speedslim


in linear, scratching, Vertical


lake, river, Sea


Dentex, Perch, Pike, Seabass, Zander

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