tête plombée boulboule
Jig head

Boulboule Jig head


The design of this jig head will allow you to present softbait in the most extreme fishing conditions, with the armament of your choice while changing your softbait simply and quickly. This range is designed for weights from 10g to 400g

This screw-on head is available in a classic round shape, or in a football shape to give even more rolling to your favorite soft lures.

How to use: Screw your lure guided by the central rod on the ball lead, your lure will be very firmly maintained while the centering rod will give it hold. It has 3 reinforced rings: 1 for the line attachment point and the other 2 are for the armament of your choice


in linear, scratching, Vertical


lake, river, Sea


Catfish, Pike, Zander

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