Leurre souple Delalande Drop shad



The advantage of drop-shot fishing is that you can do deep fishing with very small lures, or finely catch fish that are reluctant to lures. The drop shot will allow you to fish with a lure taken off from 20 to 50cm. You must work the lure in small pulses on the spot or by slowly brought back to different levels of depth without taking the lead off the bottom. You then obtain an unstoppable technique for predators not very active because the fish hardly feels any resistance during the engammage.

The Drop Shad has been specially designed for this type of fishing and finesse fishing.
Its 3 notches at ¾ of the lure and its very fine tail emit irresistible vibrations during impulses. Drop Shot weights are available in a long shape to fit through crowded areas and in a classic round shape.




lake, river


Chub, Perch

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Lure size :

➡ 5cm  –  7cm 

Lure body weight (unmounted) :

➡ 5cm/0,5gr  –  7cm/2gr


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