The Orange Brand goes to Green

Delalande, in addition to being a French brand whose desire has always been to preserve the environment with phthalate-free products, manufactured in our own factories in Europe to minimize the environmental impact during transport, and the vast majority raw materials purchased in France!

This year, Delalande has decided to go one step further by offering a new material for its lures, its jig heads and its packaging!

New 85% natural material :

At the start of the 2023 season, we are proud to announce a major advance in the manufacture of our lures, or rather in the material that composes them! Indeed, after much research with our supplier, we managed to obtain a material allowing us to keep the legendary solidity of our lures while gaining slightly in flexibility but especially with a much more natural material!

This new material is made from 85% natural oils! The plasticizer of petrochemical origin has been replaced by a natural plasticizer based on rapeseed oil, linseed oil and soybean oil! This type of material is also used in high-end leather goods, the manufacture of tablecloths and toys!

In development for several years and tested in our factories and at the water’s edge for a year, this material proves to be resistant and above all durable, it does not deteriorate, even after intense and repeated use! Always with a view to reducing the carbon footprint of our products, this material is of course purchased in France, as was already the previous one!

Jig Head Lead-free

In addition to this new “greener” material, we have worked on an evolution of the material of our jig heads. Indeed, some future European laws will prohibit the use of lead for fishing and hunting, which has prompted us to accelerate the development work on the material of our jig heads.

It is on our new Zand Fat lure that we have chosen to first release a “jigged” head which no longer contains lead but Zamac. Much more respectful of the environment, this material has a lower density than lead, which will also open up possibilities on ready-to-fish mounted lures by playing on the new volume/weight ratio offered by this material!

The packaging is also becoming greener:

It would be absurd to invest in the development of more environmentally friendly products and sell them in vulgar plastic packaging. This is why we have decided this year to sublimate our products in cardboard packaging. This cardboard from sustainably managed forests complies with the PEFC standard and is printed with vegetable-based inks!

In addition to this desire to always limit our impact a little more, this packaging allows us to highlight our products, which have also improved in quality of finish and in diversity of colors in recent years!

Of course, as has been the case for many years, all our lures are still available in bulk, which further limits our impact with no waste generated and the possibility of testing different lures and colors from the range!

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