Chabot 9cm : a small lure for deep fishing !

Chabot, the brand’s famous Shad, is available in a ready-to-fish 9cm mounted version, a perfect lure for deep fishing!

Features of Chabot 9cm

“Chabot” is the French traduction of “Sculpin”,  the prey it mimics, this small fish found in some rivers, usually hovering just above the bottom.

The shape of the Chabot’s body and head has been developed specifically to keep the bottom during retrieval and thus trigger predators that feed there!

The 9cm version is sold mounted with a 17gr head, which allows it to descend quickly into the water layer. This head is equipped with a hook strong enough to resist even on beautiful fish!

This “over-weighted” lure makes it easy to offer a small lure to predators living quite deep!

Lure Swimming :

Discover in video the swimming of the Chabot Delalande:

Chabot 9cm Colors :

The Chabot is available in twenty colors, in order to please all anglers and all fish!

Classic colors like white (10), pearly white (11) or Sky Green (115). Pearl colors with a colored back, the essential Mojito (26), translucent glitter colors such as Light Gold (53), Cosmic (54), Motor Oil (169) or Spy (169) but also very flashy colors and UV like Fire Tiger (99) and Natural Yellow (389)

The 9cm Chabot: a real prospecting lure!

The Chabot has a stocky body and a large round paddle but a fairly thin tail, which allows it to swim quite slowly if necessary! It is then a perfect lure for prospecting a deep area that we do not know, indeed, it descends quickly into the layer of water while remaining fishing, and holds the bottom very well during a slow linear recovery.

What makes the chabot a good prospecting lure is also the fact that it can be brought back into the water quite quickly, in order to quickly target active fish!

Le Chabot est parfait pour chercher les poissons dans un endroit inconnu

Animation of Chabot :

The Chabot expresses itself perfectly when you throw it far enough, let it go down to the bottom, and bring it back above the bottom at normal speed, pausing every 10m so that it regains the bottom. We can then wait a few seconds before restarting, and so on. This scratching animation is very effective on all predators living at the bottom, both in fresh water and at sea!

It is also possible to use the 9cm chabot vertically in depths between 5 and 15m.

Another possible technique with the chabot is hunting fishing, in fact, thanks to its compact body and its rather heavy head, it is a lure which is cast very well and which allows you to chain catches when the fish are in hunts.

Galerie de poissons pris au Chabot

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