Néo Swim : Ready-to-fish, simple et efficient !

The Neo Swim is the new ready-to-fish softbait from Delalande! This 16cm wobbler has many advantages and is very easy to use!

Neo Swim Features

The Neo Swim completes the Neo range, a range dedicated to fishing for big predators such as pike or catfish!

The Neo swim is a rigged lure, which has a frame and an internal sinker offering a strong iron single hook on the back, an attachment eyelet at the front of the lure, and a ring on which is fixed a quality French triple hook !

With a total weight of 80gr for 16cm, it is a very bulky lure, which displaces a lot of water, which makes it easily identifiable by predators! Its striated round body and its large oval paddle allow it to have a significant rolling and to emit large vibrations!

Lure swimming :

Discover in video the swimming of the Neo Swim Delalande:

Néo Swim Colors

In order to adapt to all environments, conditions and species of fish, we have declined the Neo Swim in 14 different colours!

Classic, must-have colors like White Head Red (61) and Fire Tiger (99). Translucent colors like Natural Sprat (47) or Motor Oil (160). Very natural colors such as Natural green (385) or Natural Dark night (387). High contrast colors with a scaled back for added appeal like the Strange Perche (134) and Strange Roach (135). And even a black color, the Black Carat (27)!

Where to fish with Neo Swim?

The Neo Swim, unlike the Neo Shallow, is a lure that fishes quite deep !

It is therefore perfectly suited to fishing in lakes or large rivers where the depth exceeds 2/3m.

The type of spot/configuration for which it is most effective is pelagic fishing. Indeed when the fish evolve and hunt in open water, the Neo swim is an best choice to trigger them!

It can also be used at sea to target many predators in depths of up to 20m or even 30m for slow fishing behind the drift!

Gros poisson néo swim sahara
A big pike caught with the Sahara color of Néo Swim

How to fish with Néo Swim ?

The Neo Swim, thanks to its large paddle and its fairly mobile tail, can be brought back at different speeds! Whether very slowly in linear or power fishing, it emits strong vibrations and does not leave predators indifferent!

For pelagic fishing, once the baitfish or predators have been located, all you have to do is let your Neo swim go down into the desired layer of water and slowly bring it back to linear, keeping the rod high so that it stays in this layer of water! The triple ventral then makes it possible to sting the fish well, and this, whatever the side from which they attack!

The Neo Swim remains swimming even on the descent, it is therefore imperative to stay vigilant during this phase, because it is very regular for the fish to come up to catch it and you will then have to hook up quickly so as not to miss the bite!

Gallery of fish caught at Neo Swim

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