Neo shallow – An easily identifiable chunky shad

The Neo Shallow is a big shad, which is easily identifiable by predators!

Néo Shallow features :

The Neo Shallow in the “full” version, i.e. without a slot to put a Texan, is a stocky shad which has a large paddle.

It is very easily identifiable by predators for several reasons:

  • A large volume, therefore an equally large displacement of water.
  • Strong vibrations thanks to its big paddle.
  • A very pronounced rolling which, coupled with colors with a lot of contrast, allows an alternation of colors throughout the recovery.
  • Vertical streaks that make it visually very attractive!

Lure Swimming :

Discover in video the swimming of Skeleton Delalande :

Sizes and colors of Néo shallow :

9cm – 13cm and 18cm are the three Neo shallow sizes available, in order to adapt to all species, both at sea and in fresh water! Compared to other lures of the same size, the Neo Shallow remains a nice bite, which generally allows you to target larger fish!

The Neo Shallow is available in 14 colors almost all of which have a strong contrast between the color of the back and that of the belly in order to accentuate the visibility of the lure thanks to its rolling! The Strange Perch (134), Strange Roach (135), Fire Tiger (99), and Motor Oil (160) colors have a UV orange belly for even more visibility! The range also includes natural colors such as Natural Green (385), Natural Dark Night (387), Black Carat (27) or Natural Sprat (47).

How to mount a Neo Shallow?

Simple mount with a simple jig head:

Like all the softbaits in the range, the Neo Shallow can be rigged in the simplest way: with a jig head. The shape of this one can vary the swimming of the lure according to the desires, as for example with a football head to accentuate even more the rolling of the lure or with a Pro flex head to add flashes of light!

Boulboule rig :

The boulboule screw head is perfect for the Neo Shallow, it allows you to choose its weight and its armament and to adapt it according to the conditions and the mood or the way of hitting fish!

This rig is ideal for fishing in the open water, whether at sea or fresh!

Shallow rig :

Although the Neo Shallow exists in a Texan version, it is possible to mount the “full” version with a shallow assembly and exposed triples to ensure more catches, especially if the area does not have seagrass beds!

The underside of the lure being quite flat, it allows it to swim even if it is very lightly weighted!

Animations of Neo Shallow :

Just like the Texan version, the Neo Shallow can be brought in quite quickly without stalling, but also quite slowly, which is interesting for fishing in cold water when the fish are not very active!

A linear animation is often sufficient to trigger the fish, this can be interspersed with more or less long pauses during which the lure will descend while swimming! For fishing in warm water and active fish, it is possible to bring the Neo shallow fairly quickly while putting small strokes of the tips to make its swimming more erratic, the bites are then very violent!

Neo Shallow Caught Fish Gallery :