Seabass fishing : good start to the season in Normandy

At the start of the 2021 sea fishing season, and despite a complicated sanitary context and the restrictions in force, some fishermen are lucky enough to live less than 10km from the sea.

This situation allows them to go out by boat, and this is the case of Alexy, a Norman fisherman, who hastened to take advantage of the few days of good weather to soak his new Delalande 2021 products.

During the first outings, the Speed Slim color Mojito (026) really stood out. Mounted on the 30gr Ange jig head, it is ideal for funds up to 15m in traction or to scratch!

A great Seabass with the Speed Slim Mojito (026)

When fishing for spots a little deeper and the current is strong enough, Alexy uses the Zandfiness 18cm which goes down very quickly in the water layer thanks to its V-tail and the absence of a paddle. Animated with small tip action above the background, it does not leave the seabass and pollack indifferent!

“The Magic green and Mojito colors have allowed me to really make the difference compared to other fishermen at the start of the season” expresses Alexy at the start of the season which looks very promising, believing that the sanitary restrictions and fish harvesting laws are bearing fruit. In fact, at each session, around forty fish came to say hi in Alexy’s boat before returning to their element!

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