First Tests of Zand Fat in the South of France with Michael and Matthieu

Flagship novelty for 2023, the Zand Fat is a very versatile shad that Michael and Matthieu hastened to test in fresh water this fall 2022! After these few test sessions, they give us their feedback, on very different uses and different fish, but both agree that this lure is extremely effective!

Fishing for Black Bass with Zand Fat for Michael:

For his first Zand Fat tests, Michael decided to hunt down his favorite fish: the Black Bass!

The 10cm size of the Zand Fat in the unmounted version then seduced him, and more particularly the very natural colors like the Green Waka and the Galactic Crocodile! Indeed, the water is still very clear, it is necessary to stay on this type of color to succeed in luring some fish!

Like many bass anglers, Michael first turned to a weightless rig in order to slowly pass through the obstacles but apart from a few small fish, the solution was not there…

A little Bass very hungry !

On the contrary, it is by breaking the codes a little that Michael managed to capture many Black Bass during his sessions thanks to Zand Fat!

Indeed, by mounting it on a rather heavy head of 10gr and despite the shallow depth, he then opted for a fast animation with fairly sharp tip strokes, which triggered reflex attacks from the Bass, including beautiful specimens!

Obviously this adaptation is not an exact science, like all animations, but it proves that the Zand Fat can be effective on fast fishing, but also that sometimes you should not hesitate to completely change your approach to successful fishing!

This fairly fast fishing technique has proven to be effective, particularly in the afternoon, when the water was warm, and especially until the first drops in temperature, a period since which it is preferable to slow down the fishing pace and go back on lighter weights!

Fishing percids with Zand Fat for Matthieu:

For Matthieu, who also fishes in the South of France, it was quite naturally for Zander and Perch fishing that he decided to test the Zand Fat!

Indeed, the flexibility of the lure and the finesse of its tail coupled with its large paddle allow it to swim even at very low speed, which is ideal for slow scratch fishing. This big paddle emits quite strong vibrations which make the fish govern from quite a distance, including when the water is heavy!

The version not mounted on a classic round head is an ideal combo to adapt the weight to the depth and thus pass at the desired speed, just above the bottom! From the first tests, Matthieu caught many perches including this very beautiful fish, enough to be quickly confident with a lure!

A very big perch taken from the first tests of the Zand Fat!
A very big Zander from shore !

In the reservoir, it is also thanks to the Zand Fat that Matthieu was able to catch the first zander of the autumn season, with in particular a very large 90cm fish caught from the shore, something rare enough to be underlined!

A fish that snatched the rod from his hands at the time of the bite, visibly very attracted by the Zand Fat color Fire Tiger!

Once again, simplicity was key, both in terms of editing with a Pro jig head and animation! Indeed, a simple linear retrieve over the bottom, slowly, triggered this offbeat fish!

Some beautiful fish caught by Matthieu thanks to the Zand Fat 10cm:

Conclusion :

In conclusion, the Zand Fat already seduces many fishermen but especially many fish, and what we will mainly remember from this new lure is its versatility, in fact, with a round body of medium section, it accepts all assemblies possible: simple leaded head, leaded Texan, weightless Texan but also as a trailer for a chatter or a spinner bait!

It is also very versatile in its use, as Matthieu and Michael were able to verify, who use it in totally different ways, one in full water on very fast animations, the other in the lower layer with a very slow recovery!

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