Streetfishing in Toulouse: a great meeting !

Toulouse is one of the cities in France where streetfishing is practiced a lot. Between the Garonne, the Canal du Midi, the Canal Lateral, the Canal de Brienne and all the small area of water around, it is a place particularly conducive for Streetfishing!

Discovery of Streetfishing : 

During a trip to the “pink city”, Ghjuvà took the opportunity to try a very special fishing technique: the streetfishing. The appointment is fixed with Victor, a Toulousain who knows the place well, at 4 p.m. for an evening shot on the canal! Streetfishing has the advantage of requiring very little equipment: a light rod, a box of lures, possibly a landing net and our fishermen are ready to roam the streets of the city in search of predators! Almost all species are present in the city center of Toulouse, from pike to perch, including chub and catfish! There are also black bass and zander but at the start of the season they are in the midst of spawning and it is best to leave them alone.

A first streetfishing session between fishermen :

On the way, Victor meets a fisherman who informs him that the perchs were quite active the day before, especially on small lures in natural colors! Upon his arrival at the water’s edge and his meeting with Ghjuvà, he hastens to pass on the information to him and the latter then equips himself with a 4cm/4gr touptishad in Natural Dark color while Victor decides to fish with a Chabot 5cm in Magic green color, in order to prospect deeper.

The two fishermen then go in search of the perchs with two different approaches to find the pattern and the fish more quickly. Victor with his Chabot makes great cast across the canal to sweep ground just above the bottom, while Ghjuvà scrapes along barges and curbs.

Chabot is a very good softbait for streetfishing

A first fish after only 10min :

perche street fishing

After only ten short minutes of fishing, as he left fall his touptishad between a barge and a large pile of branches, Ghjuvà takes a big bite! The hookup is powerful and he immediately understands that it is a beautiful fish and must be firm with it to prevent it from going into the branches! Victor doesn’t even have time to arrive when the fish is already in the landing net, it was essential to bridle this superb perch so as not to lose it!

A first fish in streetfishing which announces only good for our two fishermen! A very fat perch, with incredible colors, very red fins and well-marked black welts! A little souvenir photo and Ghjuvà lets her go back to grow even more under her barges!

perche street fishing
A very nice perch with Touptishad Delalande

Streetfishing: look for structures!

To succeed in streetfishing, and more particularly in the canals, it is preferable to find structures, breaks, scree or any other spot likely to host fish. Indeed, the canals are sometimes quite linear and without relief and it is then complicated to effectively target the fish. Some spots are repeated in many towns, such as the piles of bridges, which come to break the relief and accelerate the current, the small ports or pontoons under which the perchs can hide, or the bridges, under which the water is generally cooler since it is in the shade!

street fishing
Bridges are very good spot in streetfishing

Wrong meeting: the joys of streetfishing:

After a period without bites, the two fishermen arrive in a slightly wider area and after casting his lure in the middle of the channel, Victor takes a big bite on the fall, despite a delayed hooking due to a slight lack of concentration. , the fish is hooked and is already starting to fight well!

Victor first thinks of a big chub that would have come to take the lure when it fell, he feels that it is a beautiful fish! Then after a few nice rushes, it is with surprise that he discovers that it is a pike! Luckily this one was hooked on the edge and therefore couldn’t cut Victor’s leader! Ghjuvà then comes to give him a hand and the pike quietly ends up in the landing net! A well-shaped fish that is fun in light!

brochet street fishing
A good pike in light game

The rest of the session will yield nothing except a few bits of baby perchs. The two fishermen are still very satisfied with this session, a real good moment of sharing between enthusiasts, with the key to a beautiful fish each and all in less than 2 hours of fishing, enough to make you smile while waiting for the next streetfishing session. !

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