Rockfishing : Scorpionfish with Softbait

Easy fishing practicable all year round

Between the closing of the predator with the lure and the opening of the trout, the period is always a bit long for lovers of light fishing. However, those lucky enough to live by the sea can opt for easy and fun fishing: rockfishing!

This technique consisting of targeting all species of marine predators with small lures and a fairly light rod / reel assembly allows you to have fun quite easily.

A short session at lunch break

During a lunch break, we decided to take advantage of the sun to track scorpionfish near a port, a prime spot for rockfishing. A simple box of lures, like the perch kit or the macadam kit, a rod and let’s go for a small session of 2 hours.


A little scorpion fish catch with Lançon ZX

Many lures in the range can be used for rockfishing, and depending on the day, a shad, a grub or a finess will make the difference, during this day it is the Lançon ZX which stood out and which did not leave indifferent the scorpionfish. Mounted on a 1gr round macadam head, it was formidable!

What animations?

As for the animation, nothing could be simpler, just lower the lure just under the rod, between the darkest boulders, places in which the scorpionsfish hide, waiting for a prey to present itself. to them. When touching, the fish must be quickly pulled out of its hole so that the line does not rub in all directions and thus avoid the risk of breakage.


A good scorpionfish catch with softbait

Once the fish is out, be careful with its back spines, in fact, the scorpionifish has venom which, although not very dangerous, remains quite painful. The ideal is to grab it by the bottom of the mouth as black bass fishermen do, in order to immortalize the moment with a photo before letting it regain its element.

Video of the day

In order to fully understand the technique of fishing for lionfish in rockfishing with a soft lure, find this session with friends in a video on Youtube:

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