Boulboule Jig head

The design of this jig head will allow you to present softbait in the most extreme fishing conditions, with the armament of your choice while…

GT jighead

The GT Jighead was created to fit perfectly on the famous Shad GT. Thanks to its shape, it will perfectly replace the head of your…

Ange Jig head

The range of Ange jigheads owes its name to its designer,  Ange Porteux, with whom we collaborated to create jigheads perfectly adapted to seabass fishing!…

Hoof Jig head

The hoof head gives the lure the impression of a bottom feeding fish. Due to its shape, it allows you to pass through congested places…

Maurice Jig head

This jig head was historically created in Mauritius. During an exotic stay, a small, fairly heavy jig head with a very short and strong hook…

Macadam football Jig head barbless

Jigheads from the Macadam fishing range, the reference range for all light fishing. Here in football head, this oval shape allows to accentuate the Rolling…

Exo Jig head

UNIQUE jig heads on the market! Developed in collaboration with a major French hook brand, it is perfect for tuna fishing or for exotic fishing.…

Catfish Jig head

The catfish jig head is a head specifically dedicated to the search for this monster of our waters!! It has a very strong hook of…


Excit’ball heads are designed for live predator fishing using the so-called fireball technic. They have a size 1 hook which is used to carry the…

Minnow mounts

Delalande offers 3 types of mounts specific to trout fishing with natural bait such as minnows: The “monture à cran” which has 4 notches molded…

Weight Snap

The weight snap is a jig head that allows you to quickly change weight without having to take your lure out of the hook. This…

Tête Pro Swimbait

The reference head for mounting very large lures! With its reinforced 10/0 hook and available in 7 – 10 – 15 – 20 – 40…

What is a Jig head ?

A jig head is an essential accessory for fishing with softbaits ! It consists of a sinker whose shape influences the stroke of the lure and its presentation and a hook. Some jigheads may have additional rings, others spoons. The hooks of the jigheads can be more or less strong depending on the fish sought and therefore the desired resistance.

How to choose your Jighead ?

The shape of the jig head :

The shape of the jig head influences the presentation of the softbait and its stroke! Delalande has a very wide range of jig heads for all types of fishing to satisfy all anglers, on board, in belly boat, on boats, at sea and in fresh water!

In the range of Macadam jigheads, there is a wide choice of jighead shapes:

Round Jighead :

This is the most classic shape of jig head, which can be mounted on all softbaits and is particularly used in linear!

tête plombée micro ronde

Football Jighead :

With its shape of an American football ball, the football jig head gives the lure greater rolling.

Dart Jighead :

The dart jig head is triangular, allowing the lure to have a much more erratic swim when the angler is rigging it.

Hoof Jighead :

Thanks to its weight offset downwards, the hoof jig head is ideal for slow fishing on the bottom, and lands wonderfully on the substrate.

Flex Jig head :

Flex Jigheads feature a spoon that adds highlights and sparkles on the retrieve.

Jig head weight :

The choice of the weight of the jig head for fishing is to be determined according to several factors! You can choose your jig head in relation to the depth of the spot, in relation to the current, but also in relation to the depth at which the fish are!

Choose the hook size of the jighead:

Delalande offers some of its jig heads with different hook sizes. Choosing the hook size of a jig head allows you to find the right compromise between the freedom of movement left to the lure, and the guarantee of catching the fish well. Rigging a softbait with a jig head is easier if the hook is short.

Choose the resistance of your jig head:

Delalande offers a very complete range of jig heads to target all fish:

Macadam heads: they have fine iron and very sharp hooks, they are jig heads for trout, perch, chub and all small marine predators, in rockfishing for example.

Barbless jigheads: the macadam range also comes barbless. The delalande barbless jigheads allow less injury to the fish and to unhook them more easily. These trout jig heads are made with fine iron hooks of French quality!

The Pro Range: Pro jigheads have a very strong and very sharp hook. These jig heads are used as jig heads for pike, zander or any other predator. Fishermen can also use these jigheads for the sea, for bass, pollack, old or wolves.

Tuna Jigheads: Exo jigheads have 4X hooks and can therefore be used for tuna fishing with soft lures. A tuna jig head is almost impossible to open in combat thanks to the quality of its hook. They can also be used for exotic fishing.