Flying Fish

Designed specifically for lovers of sea fishing and mainly bass, this lure offers exceptional technical characteristics that will maximize your success during your outings. It…

Flying Fish Tuna

With a leaded head equipped and a reinforced hook, this technologically advanced creation is specifically designed to meet the high demands of fishermen looking for…

Zand Curly

The Zand Curly is mainly designed for freshwater fishing. This versatile lure has been developed with advanced technical characteristics, offering optimal performance in different fishing…

Craw Jig

The big Bass craw model also comes in a ready-to-fish mounted version on a 10g black hoof head in Zamac and with a silicone skirt.…

Craw Jig Mini

The small Bass Craw 8cm is also available in a ready-to-fish mounted version. Like a small rubber jig, this rig with a 5gr “football” shaped…

Zand Fat (mounted)

Flagship novelty of the year 2023, the Zand fat is a shad body is slightly stocky and ends in a fairly thin tail on with…

Bass Craw

The Bass Craw is the new Delalande crayfish! The very realistic design makes it an excellent lure for tracking black bass, but not only! Indeed,…

Long Bass Worm

The Long Bass Worm is the brand new worm! Measuring 18cm, it offers a nice bite to black bass but remains very flexible, which allows…

Zand Fat

The unmounted version of the Zand fat, for even more versatility, above all the possibility of mounting it in all different ways. Both in Texan…


This year, the Delalande Néo range is growing again with the arrival of the Neo Frog. Sold mounted ready to fish with a weighted Texan,…


The Speed ​​Slim is a shad with a thin and elongated body with a big paddle! The main advantage of this morphology is its ability…

Fire Eel (non monté)

Halfway between a slug and a shad, the Fire eel has a surprising swim! Indeed, we have worked closely with our team of sea fishermen…

What is a softbait ?

A softbait is an artificial prey imitating a fish, an insect or an amphibian and whose purpose is to trick a predator into successfully catching it!

  1. The Jighead
  2. The Hook 
  3. The softbait’s body 
  4. The tail 

Shad softbait :

26 - Mojito

Shads are softbaits that have a paddle at the end of the tail. The paddle is a fairly stubby part of the softbait that retains water and therefore triggers swimming. Shads are the most used for fishing with softbaits, whatever the species and the fishing technique.

Finess Softbait :

384 - Natural Pink UV

Finess are softbaits whose fine tail ends like a rat’s tail or with a V shape. The tail of this type of softbaits emits fine vibrations, they are particularly used for fishing for zander or perch , but also other predators.

Grub Softbait :

21 - Noir

At the very origin of the family of softbaits, the grub, or curly, has a sickle-shaped tail that goes into action as soon as it enters the water. Grubs are softbaits that can be used for all species, especially on slow fishing. The famous Sandra grub is Delalande’s best-selling softbait !

Insect Softbait :

127 - Pepper Tea

Insect-shaped soffbaits can be essential in certain situations, especially on trout or even chub when they are focused on real insects and completely ignore other types of lures! These lures accept a large number of rigs, drop shot, jig head, weightless…

How to animate a softbait ?

Softbait fishing allows you to capture almost all species of fish, however there are many ways to animate a soft lure! Linear fishing, sawtooth fishing, darting fishing, traction fishing or even vertical fishing can be practiced with all Delalande softbaits. 

Why choose Delalande softbaits ?

Delalande is a French brand that has been manufacturing its own softbaits for more than 40 years in its own factory in Europe. For a very long time, Delalande has been offering bulk lures to limit packaging as much as possible and thus offer good prices  softbaits ! Delalande softbaits are also very strong, which makes them durable! Buying Delalande soft baits means buying French lures, as effective as they are durable and with a wide choice of models for all species of fish.

Pike softbait : Delalande Pêche offers many lures for pike, the essentials of which are the Shad GT, the Néo Shallow, the Néo Swim et the Néo Shallow Texan

Perch softbait: the Chabot, the Skeleton ,the Drop Shad and the Zandfiness Monté are the bests softbaits for perch fishing

Trout softbait: trouts can be fished with Delalande softbaits, especially with the Touptishad, the Scarabait or the Chabot Monté .

Seabass softbait : With sea softbaits, Delalande offers models for seabass fishing such as Speed Slim, the Swatshad, the Néoshad, the DJ line et le Fire Eel

Zander softbait: The most used zander lures are very mobile softbaits, even at low speed. The best Delalande softbaits for zander are the Zandshad, the Zandfiness, the Sandra and the Speed Slim

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